Understand your customer better by solving inventory questions.
> Order Entry management
> Contract Pricing
> Back Ordering
> Automatic Inventory Procurement from warehouse to warehouse or automatically generate of purchase orders, based upon re-order levels and re-order quantities
> Bin and Shelf support for inventory locations
> Physical Inventory program. Automatic with portable bar code reader
> Order shipments via portable bar code reader
> Enter order for products using UPC bar code or user defined product code
> Print bar code labels with or without price for items that do not have a UPC code already on it
> Print bar code labels for items being received from Purchase Order. Actually receiving confirmed by office personel
> Global Price changes and Global Cost changes
> Support for Units of Measure
> Portable Bar Code scanning for Picking Order and for Receiving Purchase Orders
> Multi-level quantity pricing
> Dunning Letters for past due invoices
> Commission reports
> Easy access on Customer Inquiry system to reference past invoices, returns, open credits, payments, special notes, sales history and more
> Track differences for Foreign currency when paying bills
> Use Sales Order request date to ensure a customer's order gets out by the deadline
> Inventory Analysis allows you to discover what your proper inventory levels should be based upon past sales and inventory purchase lead time
> Produce Exception reports for old customer invoices or dead inventory items as well as old A/P invoices and inactive customers


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