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Lean Software with an ROI (PAY BACK) in just a few months. 


Lean Software streamlines the Kanban procurement process so efficiently that Purchasing, Receiving, and Accounting departments will benefit almost immediately from the high volume paperless "Lean" design while freeing up new internal resources for your LEAN campaign. 


Your LEAN (Kanban Inventory) Company needs to balance the throughput through the entire organization.  A successful LEAN implementation means your administrative personnel are managing the extra volume of transactions resulting from inventory reduction and increased inventory turns.  LEAN Software not only manages your Kanban Inventory without use of paper but also "Balances The Line" of your company from the front-end to the back-end of your operations.  Lean Software will pay for itself in a few months.


Review the results below an actual user of Access Your Biz Lean Software.  Instruments For Industry (IFI) will demonstrate first hand how Lean Software will work in your company like it does in theirs.  Review their company profile and compare how it measures up to yours.  Calculate how quickly Lean Software will pay for itself in savings from Inventory Reduction, Increased Throughput and Administration Efficiency.


A Lean Company Profile:


             Instruments For Industry (IFI), Inc founded 1955

             Manufacturer of Custom High Power RF Amplifiers

             Visit our Web Site,


Actual Statistics

          Annual Sales: 8.5 Million

             Dollar Value Of On Hand Kanban Inventory: $78,292

             No. Of Kanban BINs: 1,856

             No. Of Purchase Orders: 3808/yr

             No. Of Purchase Order Line Items: 10,452/Yr

             No. Of Invoices: 4,250/Yr

             No Of Inventory turns: 20



            Purchasing and Material Control: One

            Receiving and Shipping: One

            Accounting Department: One


Features of Access Your Biz Lean Software:

  • Kanban (Bar Coded) Inventory Control

  • Lean Purchasing - Paperless procurement of Kanban controlled inventory

  • Lean Receiving - Bar Coded process to receive KanBan replenishments

  • Lean Invoicing - A fast and efficient method to manage vendor invoices BOM Control - To control product configuration/build and cost reporting Job Order Purchasing - To procure Customer Specific (non-Kanban controlled material) to a Job Order

  • Back Flushing - Automatically Relieves Inventory and provide Inventory Levels* for Corporate reporting.

  • Maximizes Point of Use Practice

  • Dynamic 2 Bin Kanban Quantity Control


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