The Access your Biz™ Standard Edition is the perfect addition for mid-level businesses which generate 5,000 transactions or less per year but require additional features to help manage their daily business activities.

The Standard Edition includes the basic features of the Small Business Edition, as well as additional features: Inventory Control, Purchase Order and Sales Order. The Standard Edition is designed for those businesses which need a higher level of functionality to handle the day to day operations of running a business. Access Your Biz™ makes it possible for your mid-level business to grow by providing you with better access to time critical information.

Access Your Biz™ Standard Edition offers the following business suite of applications:
> Accounts Payable
> Accounts Receivable
> Bank Reconciliation
> General Ledger
> Payroll
> System Manager
> Inventory Control
> Purchase Order
> Sales Order
The Standard Edition is available in a single-user package or multi-user package.
 Single: $1495 Multi-User: $2995

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> Tech Support: Call 1.888.818.9000 ext. 22
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