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The Access Your Biz™ Consolidated General Ledger is recommended for business people that run several companies and want the financial statements of all the companies combined. It also works well for a corporation which monitors the performance of its multiple subsidiaries.

The Consolidated General Ledger combines the financial statements of up to five different companies. If the General Ledger Accounts are the same in any of the companies, those accounts are totaled up together and listed once.

Reports available include all reports in the General Ledger module. These include Income Statement , Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Ledger report and more. The reporting options and menu are the same as the General Ledger Modules so you do not have to learn anything new.

Access Your Biz™ Consolidated General Ledger works with the following modules:
> General Ledger
> System Manager
 Single: $495 Multi-User: $695
 Source Code: $795 (includes multi-user version)
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